Excessive Head Sweating

I was an ex-sufferer of excessive head sweating, and certainly know how much of an embarrassing and uncomfortable event it is for those of you suffering from it at its peak! After all, it is an area of the body that cannot be easily concealed from view.

There might be different reasons behind an excessive head sweating problem. It is possible that few people experience a head sweating problem because they are genetically predisposed to it, possibly as a result side effects from some drugs. However, more often than not, it is purely due to an over-activity of your empathetic sweat glands:

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I strongly believe that the best way to reduce your excessive head sweating problem is to use a product that has been thoroughly tested, is FDA approved, and also proven to be effective by many people who have previously had an excessive head sweating problem. It involves techniques needed to calm your mind, and small changes to your food intake, aiming to increase those substances which help to calm overactive sweat glands! We cannot disclose these due to copyright restrictions, but strongly urge you to access this proven information.

Do not delay yourself, because I found the more I delayed the more frustrated I became, and this would increase my stress levels (which is bad for a sweating problem). The quicker you act, the sooner you will experience the soothing relief.

Dangers of Some Treatments

The treatment and cure of excessive head sweating can be a daunting task, because there are a variety including some that are surgical, some risky and others risk-free natural methods that are available:

  • Surgical Procedures – a procedure is known as endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS). This involves a small incision in the chest area, through which the nerves responsible for sweating are clamped or severed. However, it should be clearly noted that this should only be a last resort, following consultation by your doctor. It carries its risks, ranging from minor nerve damage to other parts of the body to Horner’s syndrome, and results are not guaranteed. Apart from the risks associated with this procedure, the nerves may re-grow and chances are there that they find a new pathway to reconnect, increasing the chance of reoccurrence of head sweating. Your health practitioner will advise you if a follow-up session is able to correct this problem.
  • Botox – many people have considered turning to Botox injections, following the excitement that it may reduce excessive head and facial sweating. However, you should remember that dispite the hype, botox treatments are not always effective. Not only that, but that can actually be hazardous to your well-being! This article is just one that discussed the issues (search Google for more): http://money.cnn.com/2008/02/11/news/companies/simons_allergan.fortune/?postversion=2008021204

Final Word

I would strongly advise you to keep away from dangerous surgical procedures – they can harm your body and they don’t have a history of proven success rates!  We strongly recommend the following FDA approved antiperspirant wipes to block your sweating problems: Find Out More Information