Excessive Head Sweating Causes

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that involves excessive sweating. Studies reveal the fact that approximately 2% of all people experience this problem. In some people it is nothing serious and they can live with it. In others however, hyperhidrosis can be terribly frustrating. Generally speaking, this condition can affect any body part. When it is visible on the face and head it becomes very embarrassing and it can be a cause of incredible distress. Excessive head sweating can make people afraid of social circumstances and it can make it difficult for them to have normal social interactions. Most of those who experience this problem seek help in order to solve it. It would be a shame to let it affect the quality of life and the relationship with others. When it comes to excessive head sweating causes, things are a little bit more complicated. There can be numerous causes and some of them can be psychological. These are the hardest ones to treat because the sufferer simply can’t avoid sweat bubbles from appearing on his or hers face, head and other body part.

The Most Common Excessive Head Sweating Causes

  • Malfunctioning of the thyroid gland: excessive head sweating can occur if the thyroid gland is either hyper active or very slow. This is the main cause of excessive sweating in middle aged people and it usually makes the problem appear during night time.
  • Mental states: anxiety is usually the main psychological cause of excessive head sweating. The sweat appears whenever the person is anxious about something, making it very difficult to hide or control emotions. Excessive head sweating can also occur whenever the person experiences strong emotions of either sadness or joy.
  • Low blood sugar levels: blood sugar drops significantly whenever people skip meals. When this happens, excessive head sweating might occur, regardless the age of the one who skipped a meal. People who go through drops of blood sugar level as a symptom of an underlying medical condition might also notice an increased activity of the sweat glands.
  • Menopause or hormonal imbalances in men: when the hormone levels fluctuate, symptoms like excessive head sweating might occur. Hormonal imbalances affect women in their menopause, but might also be a problem for middle aged men.
  • Side effects of certain prescribed pills: some antidepressants can have among their side effects excessive head sweating. The problem usually disappears if the doctor finds and alternative to the prescribed treatment.
  • Heart attack: when excessive head sweating occurs out of the blue, especially in people who have never had this problem before, it might be a sign of a heart attack. It is usually accompanied by other symptoms and it should send the sufferer directly to the hospital. Excessive head sweating accompanied by pain in the chest or in the left arm is alarming.

Unfortunately, excessive head sweating makes people very embarrassed in social circumstances. This triggers anxiety and only leads to more sweating. It’s like a vicious circle and the sufferer feels that he or she has no escape. However, treatment options exist and those who are really bothered by this problem should discuss the best approach with their health care provider.

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