Head and Neck Sweating

Head and neck sweating happens for a series of natural reasons. These are a series of common causes for all that sweating.

To start looking for the reason that makes you head and neck sweat, you should start keeping track of the times it happens. That tracking may become linked to stressful situations like work meetings, talking in public, romantic encounters, or any other kind of event that will stress you out someway. This means your problem is likely to be related with anxiety. This happens to a lot of people. Stress and fear related feelings normally stimulate the sweat glands, so you start sweating, which is ok if it is not abundantly. Studies have shown that our nervous system can start affecting the glands so much a a month before the event, that is, if you’re aware of the event, obviously.

If you relate to this and you feel that you do suffer from sweat problems originated by anxiety then you should start working on calming yourself down on stress situations. You can find lots of methods meant to relieve stress. You might consider professional help and consult with therapist, or maybe all you need it to take a long calm walk occasionally. Whatever you do, the more you learn about yourself and how to calm yourself down, the better you’ll control those sweaty outbreaks.

One obvious thing that will contribute to your anxious sweating is coffee. Caffeine will make the heart work harder, also increasing body heat, which in turn which will make you start perspiring. Also, coffee is usually hard on the nerves; it might make you jumpy or unexpectedly anxious. So if you are concerned with sweating from anxiety, you should probably skip coffee when possible, especially close to stressful events.

There are naturally other reasons why people perspire. One of them is the way bodies dispose of any waste that we ingest, intended or not. Just as you’d might expect, junk food is indeed a source of extra perspiration. That is because junk food usually comes with all sorts of chemicals that the body doesn’t need in any way, and in fact has to dispose of. Stop eating foods that you can confirm, or at least have a strong suspicion, that have chemicals added someway, and your sweating needs will lower. There are other obvious examples of introducing chemicals and toxins into our bodies, like most drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. As you know by now, our bodies will need to sweat those toxins out. So, another clear way to keep your neck and face sweating under control, is limiting or stopping to smoke cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of solutions that help you with keep sweat under control. Bottom line is that you should educate yourself to have a clear understanding on what and why it is happening when you over sweat, so you can minimize it or stop it all together.

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